Re-Booking Policy

Frequently Asked Questions


 What is the Re-Booking Policy?
The Re-Booking Policy is a new policy being implemented by the LiUNA Local 183 Training Centre. It is a policy that aims at correcting attendance issues in all training programs. A fee may be imposed on each training course an individual schedules and does not attend without cancelling.

Why is this being put into effect?
This new policy is being implemented to improve our service to our members as well as our employer partners and to use the resources of the LiUNA Local 183 Training Centre responsibly.

How much will I be charged?
A re-booking fee of $25 may be charged per class that was missed, and reimbursed once attendance is confirmed.

How long before my appointment do I have to cancel before I get charged?
Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours prior to the start time of the training program you are cancelling.

I didn’t know this policy was in place. Will I still be charged?
The Training Centre has provided considerable notice to members and companies regarding the policy. “One Exemption” is given to everyone for the calendar year. Once the exemption has been used and the individual does not attend following classes, the re-booking fee may be applied to each class with a Did Not Attend status.  

What if I am sick, or there is an emergency?
Depending on the situation, a doctors’ note or other forms of proof will be required to prove your absence. Extreme circumstances and other situations will be assessed as they occur.

Will I get my money back?
Yes. There will be a 120 day period where you will be eligible to receive a reimbursement. That 120 day period will begin on the day that you pay the re-booking fee for the training program you missed. Within that time, you will have to book and attend a Health & Safety training program to receive a reimbursement.
Please Note – The Training Centre will only accept payment when you are re-scheduling a training program.

What happens if I don’t pay the fee?
You may be prevented from scheduling any training programs until outstanding fees are paid.

How can I pay the fee?
Acceptable forms of payment are Debit or Credit. No Cash. Payment can be made in person at our office, located at 1263 Wilson Ave, Suite 301, East Wing, or by phone at 416-242-7551 ex. 2306. Please have your credit card information ready when you call.

How can I access my training schedule?
Your training schedule is available to you at any time on the Member Portal. Just click on the My Schedule tab above and view your upcoming classes.
Please ensure that your profile is updated with the most current contact information.

How can I cancel my appointment(s)?
You can call our office at 416-242-7551 or cancel in person at our office, located at 1263 Wilson Ave, Suite 301, East Wing.

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